Quality management in the process of storage and transportation of labor insurance shoes (safety shoes)

The quality management of safety shoes storage and transportation process

The storage and transportation including storage before sale, purchase and the transportation of sale process. Putting the products into warehouse after finishing  production of labor protection shoe. It is necessary to have ventilation equipment in the warehouse and to keep dry , stacking should not be too high ,in order to avoid crushing the package and cause the appearance of the shoes (safety shoes) to be damaged.

In the process of transportation, it should be packed and loaded lightly and avoid to collision . The quality problem of labor protection shoes during transportation is  much smaller than that of fragile goods, but the firmness of the outer packing box and the fastness of the plastic bag in the inner packing box are limited.  Then in the process of transportation, such as careless loading and unloading,Slapping and bumping , the inner and outer packages will be cracked, the products will be polluted and deformed, and even serious losses such as loss and theft will occur due to broken containers.

Post time: Aug-28-2018
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