The difference between the Labor protection shoes and ordinary shoes are mainly reflected in 3 points

The difference between the labor insurance shoes and ordinary shoes is mainly reflected in 3 points, I believe you are also curious about what 3 points are reflected in.

1.According to the difference in design philosophy, labor protection shoes are designed to protect the safety of the feet of the working people. Therefore, safety is the primary factor to be considered in the design.

What ordinary shoe considers more is beautiful, comfortable, fashionable, portable, it is to cater to the need of consumer only.

2.The difference is seen from the use place: most of the use places of labor protection shoes are in specific operation places such as electroplating workshop, construction site and large machinery factory.

Ordinary shoes are basically used for walking, shopping and public places like offices without major hazards.

3. From the perspective of making materials of shoes themselves, differences can be seen: ordinary shoes are generally made of ordinary materials, such as textile cloth surface materials, artificial leather, etc., while labor protection shoes must be made of good insulation materials, electrostatic materials, cowhide, high temperature resistance and other special materials.

Not to mention the sole, ordinary shoes are mostly the TPR outsole, from the current market, Labor protection shoes are mostly the use of rubber soles or PU soles.

Post time: Aug-28-2018
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